Tanksäule Gasboy Model 1820

Superior craftsmanship, quality

componentry and long-lasting durability

make the 1820 Series compact electric

pump an exceptional value when

choosing a pump for aboveground tank

installations. Uniquely designed for

private fuel dispensing applications, the

1820 is engineered to make your job

easier. The 1820 is the only compact

electric pump equipped with a unique

interlock register, which prevents use

of the pump without first resetting the

register to zero.

The 1820 pump, driven by a powerful

1/3 HP motor, fuels gasoline, diesel,

kerosene and up to 15% methanol or

ethanol blends. The Model 1820 features

a pump that is separate from the motor

assembly. This design prevents the

possibility of product leaking into the

motor due to worn pump seals.

Each time the nozzle opens, the

pump bypass valve slams shut. While

competitive models use an inexpensive

plastic bypass valve, the 1820 features a

heavy-duty, stainless steel bypass valve to

provide trouble-free operation.

For a pump that provides value and

durability, contact your local Gasboy